Walking and Cycling

There are plenty of long distance walking or cycling routes to bring you to the Tyne, or shorter distance routes taking you along its banks.

The long-distance routes include:

  • The Pennine Way and Pennine Cycleway which passes along the beautiful uplands of the South Tyne and North Tyne river catchments
  • The Hadrian’s Way and Hadrian’s Cycle Way which run East-West through the Tyne valley, taking in everything the Tyne has to offer from lowland urban to rural upland environments
  • The Coast to Coast (C2C) cycle route, which takes in some of the most beautiful upland scenery in the North of England, starts/ finishes at Tynemouth.
  • The South Tyne Trail follows the South Tyne from the Source above Garrigal to Haltwhistle and is suitable for walkers and cyclists.
  • The Isaac’s Tea Trail walk takes in some of the loveliest views of the South Tyne Valley.

More information about cycle routes, including detailed interactive mapping, is available from Sustrans, and the Ramblers Association provides a wealth of information about walking routes in the Tyne catchment.