Sediment on the River Rede

We have been aware of discolouration and sediment on the River Rede.  The Environment Agency are aware of this have had officers out investigating.  The latest from the Environment Agency is as follows:


We’ve received reports of the River Rede in Northumberland turning brown with sediment.   We believe this may be as a result of heavy rain and thundery weather we had earlier in the week.   We have officers out investigating the source of the sediment and assessing any impact on the river and ecology.   The plume of sediment is quite extensive and is moving slowly down the river system, so it’s expected it will seen by people on the Tyne system across the weekend.   Officers on site have seen the water clearing behind the plume as it moves downstream. We expect it will take several days for the river to return to normal.   At present the water levels are low and the flow of the river is slow, which is the reason why it’s moving slowly.


RedeBr 2 Redesmouth Bridge Upstream