What We Do

What we do

Tyne Rivers Trust has a unique role as guardians of the River Tyne catchment, overseeing the ongoing regeneration of the river from the impacts of its industrial past.

We can only achieve this by working with others, and as a charity we are reliant on financial support. We need people to get involved alongside us.

With little resource, we do a huge amount. We are the only independent, environmental charity dedicated to improving the Tyne Catchment.  We do this through practical conservation work, empowering communities and through education.


Our Business Plan 2015-20 sets out our ambitions for improving the River Tyne.  Click on the image to the left to find out more.


The River Tyne has recovered a great deal over the last 50 years from the pollution caused during the peak of industry activity. The demise of hard industry in the lower reaches was the key, but continued improvement in water quality comes from a whole range of measures throughout the catchment that all need a careful balance of prevention and intervention. Although the river may seem clean, there are still many problems to be remedied.

Although we apply a scientific method to all of the work that we do, science alone is not the solution; engagement with local communities and stakeholders whether residents, businesses or schools is vital. Eyes on the riverbank from volunteer groups and recreational users add crucial touch points for monitoring and observing the river.

Check out the News section of our website, where you can also download our bi-annual newsletter.

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