Educating Young People

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We work with young people, through schools and with groups like Scouts and Guides, to help them understand what we do and why it is important to look after our rivers.

Providing formal education about rivers in schools plays an important part in achieving what we do. We use fun activities to raise awareness about the issues facing our rivers, whilst adding layers of Tyne-specific knowledge and understanding all within the scope of the national curriculum for each age group.

The students also take part in practical activities, in their school or on the riverbank to help them understand what we do and why it matters.

Living rivers

We are now making our educational services available through our Living Rivers—Teaching upon Tyne initiative.

We offer a varied ‘mix and match’ menu which can be tailored to the subject areas and key stages of the pupils concerned. We offer pupils a challenge through professionally managed, risk-assessed fieldwork covering topics such as:

  • The hydrological cycle,
  • Riverside explorer,
  • River craft,
  • How the river officials do it,
  • Bug analysis,
  • River art, craft and culture.

We are always ready to develop new projects for schools, if appropriate funding can be found.  For example, in the summer of 2011, we ran a project with the sixth form of The Priory School (a school for young people with varied  but complex educational and physical support needs) in which the students enjoyed a range of activities:

  • River safety,
  • Understanding the water cycle and personal water use,
  • Invasive plant species survey and removal
  • River clean up,
  • Water quality survey using freshwater invertebrates.

Additionally we have delivered curriculum-linked programmes of work for schools.  To find out more, click on the links below:

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