Strategic Action Plan for the Tyne Catchment (2006)

In 2006 we completed a wide-ranging public consultation. It was designed to assess the needs of the catchment and the expectations of those who live, work and use it.  From this we published the first ever Strategic Action Plan for the Tyne Catchment in which we set out our Vision and Programmes of Work.

Since the plan was put in place, we have been working to:

  • Improve habitat to support greater and more robust biodiversity,
  • Acquire better information and promote better understanding of catchment issues and responsibilities,
  • Grow the reputation of the Tyne Catchment and Tyne Rivers Trust.

Tyne Catchment Plan (2012)

We have always planned our activities carefully to ensure targeted use of our resources where they are most needed and will have the biggest impact. In 2012 we were given a major task – to produce a plan for the whole of the Tyne catchment, encompassing all the work being undertaken by the vast range of people, groups and organisations working to improve our river environments.

We took the approach that planning is an ongoing partnership process, not a document.  Although we know a lot about the Tyne, we could never have produced our plan alone; we worked alongside a range of different agencies and organisations, and from the beginning we involved local people to capture their specialist local knowledge; and openly consulted with all interested individuals to identify and prioritise issues within our river catchment.

The Tyne Catchment Plan was published in December 2012. Delivery of this work is now being led by the Tyne Catchment Partnership, funded under Defra’s Catchment-based Approach.